About Author

Truth has underscored my life, whether it be in science,
environmental work, business, education, health, media,
personal relationships, politics, religion….
The world is so full of lies and distortions, that I write with
the heartfelt purpose of helping to restore truth, to the best
of my ability, wherever I feel the call to do so.


When did my search for Truth begin?

Truth: my search began in every moment that I forgot I already had it. Forgetting must be a choice. And in that choosing to forget, I was setting myself up for a life of not-truth-fully searching, despite my intention to do so, and belief that I was.

And I was searching for…..? A truth that would stay true.

One time when my search for Truth consolidated in my mind was when I’d said:
“I dedicate myself to Truth.”

The year was 1997 and I was 42 years old, standing on a box in front of a big photograph of a deceased guru in his ashram in India. Gurus and cults have never been my thing. There were 2 or 3 cults in the news on television during my teens, and they sounded awful (though I’ve since learned you can hardly trust anything you see in the media!) I’ve only ever had one ‘guru’ and that’s my own inner heart, but curiosity and checking stuff out fits with my scientific personality. I’d promised someone (under pressure) that I’d ‘drop in for a couple of days’ while in India to take a look and ended up spending a couple of months there ‘doing the experience’ to see what it was all about.

It was during a workshop about power and the victim-tyrant games that people play. Near the end the students were asked to get up onto the box, look at the photo of the guru, and speak out loud to dedicate themselves to him. I was not happy about that; it did not feel right, and no way was I going to do it. I got up on the box because I wanted to speak my truth. Uncannily the photo seemed alive, the eyes watching me with what felt like a rather hard, critical gaze, and I did not like that. I spoke from my heart: “I dedicate myself to Truth.”

After I got off the box things went even bumpier with the three facilitators than they had during the workshop when I’d stayed true to my own healing path by not complying with what they wanted me to do. Now they were noticeably cold and hostile. I found that pretty amazing, given that, if asked what would be their highest ideal and goal, it would probably be the quest for Truth!