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human tongue - photoshop 'angled strokes'

Truth & Lies:

What’s your definition of ‘skeptic’?
But are they Really ‘Skeptics’?

Whose authority?
“Serge Benhayon Said…”

Lies are lies
Little White Lies

Truth brings the only true change
Truth Challenges Status Quo

Energy & Vibration Science:

resonance in prongs of scalp massager

Sound energy vibration and our bodies, 3-part series:
Sound and living cells – the science of sound (Part 1 of series)

Singing cells – science and the music of the human body (Part 2 of series)

Sound vibration, science and music – revealing energies and patterns of harmony (Part 3 of series)

Energy Healing & Health:

light energy spectrum in human hand

Does it matter what time you go to bed?
The Science of ‘Early to Bed’