Science And Truth

Science, Truth, Love and Everything

Einstein said: “Science can only be created by those who are thoroughly imbued with the aspiration towards truth and understanding.”

For a true scientist it doesn’t matter whether your theory is right or wrong; the joy is in discovering the truth.

Science is really about Love. Without Love you cannot truly do Science.

Science is our way of developing an understanding of the whole manifest and un-manifest universe. It is about finding the One totality. Scientists call this the search for a “Unified Theory of Everything”.

According to the Ageless Wisdom, Love is “the attractive force that binds everything together”. In essence then, scientists are looking for that unifying force or energy, Love, which, allows us to understand everything.

Unless you love science intensely, have a deep and passionate impulse to go for Truth at any cost, then the science you do will not advance the search for ultimate truth. It requires letting go of anything that is not truth even if it challenges your strongest-held views, your income, your reputation or your position with your peers. Unless you know Love in your innermost, the science you do will distract and go off course. Science that is done without love is what you find in the laboratories of greed, profit and power. It gives us nuclear bombs, biological and chemical weapons, pollution, untested nanotechnology, racial discrimination, irresponsible health and lifestyle choices, and genetically modified crops and animals that damage natural systems and threaten the well-being of life on Earth. Science without love goes with ego, comparison, competition, jealousy, withholding and distorting truth to meet agendas or just to survive in the rat race. To me, science without Love is not Science, but merely the creation of tools for continuing our loveless, separative existence.

At best, loveless science done by well-meaning scientists who do care about the world, generates a vast, unmanageable pool of factual details. It obscures and slows, rather than clarifies and speeds, our progress to the truth. Yes we need some of it, but I firmly hold that we would cut straight through that confusing morass and accelerate beyond our wildest dreams if we truly connected to Love within ourselves first.

Having said all that, science is one realm of human endeavour which has great potential for the unification of humanity. One of the greatest joys of my life has been to work with fellow scientists from all over the world. We are of different colours, races, ages, genders, languages, politics, religions and cultures. But we have one thing in common: the search for truth and the love of the science with which we hope to find it. And so unified, we become close friends, have lots of fun, learn from each other, do great work, and close the gaps of isms and geography.

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